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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Logo

Not all colors are created equal. What's the best color for your logo?

November 24 2017

Generating Logo Icons and Pictograms

Is it possible to programatically generate icons and pictograms that look good enough to use in logos? Maybe. Take a look at my progress.

July 3 2017

137 New Logo Fonts

I've noticed people LOVE to use fun fonts in their logo designs. I've added a bunch of new fun, novelty, gimmicky fonts for you to play with. Take a look at what's possile with these newly added fonts.

logo maker fonts

April 8 2017

How I tripled traffic to my site with a TINY amount of SEO

(This post isn’t about logo making, but if you run a business with a website, you should read it.) I wanted more traffic to my site so I could make more money, but the cost and performance of ad networks like Google AdSense and Facebook Ads didn’t make economical sense. How can I get more traffic to my site for free? The answer is SEO.

February 19 2017

How to make a logo [solved]

What makes for a good logo? There are three things I think make for a good logo that I’ve baked into my logo maker.

January 30 2017

Generating Logos in SVG format

I recently finished rewriting the logo generator to produce SVG output. Why? Two reasons: website performance and better, and crystal clear, infinitely scalable logos.

April 29 2015

What Makes a Shape Beautiful? Generating Logos & Appealing Shapes

What makes a shape appealing?  Is it symmetry?  Balance?  Roundness?  Some sort of mathematical proportion?  What makes a shape ugly?  Asymmetry?  Imbalance?  Sharpness?  Is it possible to make a shape that is beautiful in the eyes of all those who view it?

July 28 2014

Logoshi made it to the F*cking Homepage!

Logoshi is now world famous.

July 24 2014

Optimizing Logotype Generation

One of the bottlenecks Logoshi.com experienced after being featured on multiple blogs simultaneously was the generation of the text portion of the logos. Here’s how I solved that problem.

July 17 2014

Logoshi.com featured on Product Hunt

A while back I submitted Logoshi to a small startup directory. Today I’m flooded with traffic.

July 17 2014

Generating Logos Programmatically

I’m always looking to build side projects that make a little money and I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to write a program that could generate a logo capable of winning a logo contest?

July 14 2014