How Many Revisions Should I Expect During the Logo Design Process?

Uncover the number of revisions to expect during the logo design process, from DIY to hiring a professional designer or agency.

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by Kathy B
permalink · published: Feb 27, 2023 · updated: Feb 28, 2023
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The number of revisions you can expect during the logo design process can depend on a few factors such as the complexity of the design, the experience of the designer, and the level of service you require. Here are a few rough estimates to give you an idea:

  • DIY: If you decide to create your own logo using design software or online logo maker, you can expect to make as many revisions as you like until you're happy with the design.
  • Freelancer: Hiring a freelance designer, you can expect anywhere from 1-3 rounds of revisions. Some designers may offer unlimited revisions, while others may charge extra for additional revisions.
  • Design agency: If you want a more professional and polished logo, you may want to consider hiring a design agency. You can expect 2-4 rounds of revisions. Some agencies may offer unlimited revisions, while others may charge extra for additional revisions.

Keep in mind, the revisions should not be the only factor when choosing a logo designer. It is important to find the designer or agency that can provide the quality work that represents your brand effectively. And also consider the long term value that a professional logo can bring to your business.

Make sure you have a clear communication with the designer or agency regarding the revisions process and number of revisions included in the package. And don't forget to read reviews or ask for a portfolio before making a decision.

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