About Logoshi

Logoshi is an online logo maker that lets you design a professional logo even if you have no artistic skills.

Why did I make Logoshi?

meHi, I'm Steve. A few years ago I needed a logo for a website I was making. It was a simple small business site and I wanted a simple, modern logo. After wasting two days trying to make a logo in Photoshop, I ended up with a logo my wife said looked stupid.

I searched for a professional logo designer. Professional designers are expensive! I didn't have a few thousand bucks to spend on a logo for a little side project.

I gave up on professional designers and I tried a site where people competed in a contest to make my logo. None of the logos were great and the "designers" didn't listen to my feedback and continued to churn out logos that looked like cheap clip art. It cost me $295 and I ended up with a logo I didn't like and didn't use. $295 down the drain! (Don't tell my wife.)

I knew I wasn't the only person out there who needed a quick logo. I decided to put my web programming experience to use and build a fast and easy way to make your own logo. Logoshi.com is the result.

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