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Why so many logo formats?

You need different logos in different situations.

uploading a logoshi logo to shopify

Get the perfect logo for your online shop

Use the trimmed transparent PNG of your company logo so it fits snugly in websites, apps, and business cards. I give you all the logo files you need to make your online store look professional. By the way, these pictures are actual screenshots and photos of logos I made on Logoshi being used on Shopify and Twitter and real paper invoices and receipts I printed in my office. No baloney mockups. Questions? Email me.

logoshi logos on an invoice and receipt

Get black and white logos for invoices and receipts

All Logoshi logos come with crisp black and white versions that are ideal for things printed in a single color like invoices and receipts.

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a logoshi logo on twitter

Get the right size logos for social media

I give you multiple square versions of your logo so they don't need to be resized or cropped to fit on your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram profiles. Stand out with your business logo's main color by using the white on color version of your business logo design. My customers have made logos for their businesses, Shopify stores, websites, blogs, apps, school clubs, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, bands, t-shirts, side projects, startups, and business cards.

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