How To Choose The Right Color For Your Logo

Not all colors are created equal. What's the best color for your logo?


by Steve
permalink · published: Nov 24, 2017 · updated: Nov 24, 2017
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What color should your logo be?

What color should you choose for your logo?

It seems like a difficult to answer question, but is it?

Sure, the color of your logo will convey some information about your company and what it stands for. But really how many colors are there to choose from?

Consider characters in kids movies and tv shows and video games.

Main Characters and Heroes are Usually Primary Colors

Main characters are almost always primary colors.  Is your brand a main character?

That's right. The main characters are almost always the primary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow

What color is Spiderman? Superman? Captain America? Lightning McQueen? The Incredibles? Batman? Elmo? Big Bird? Cookie Monster? Iron Man? Wonder Woman? Mario?

Secondary Characters and Villains are Usually Secondary Colors

Secondary characters and villains are almost always secondary colors.  Is your brand a main character or a secondary character?

You guessed it. The less important characters and bad guys are usually secondary colors like orange, green, and purple

What color is the Joker? Green Lantern? The Hulk? Batman's Robin? Poison Ivy? The Riddler? Swamp Thing? Loki? Aquaman? Luigi? Skeletor?

Is your brand the main character or a secondary background character?

Is your company a Superman or a Skeletor?

If you want to present yourself as a main character, you have a choice of Red, Yellow and Blue.

What color shows up best on a white background? Not Yellow. You're left with a choice between Red and Blue.

Red or Blue?

If your business has to do with food or emotional products, choose red.

If your business is serious or deals with rational decision making when making a purchase, choose blue.

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