Pro Logo Package

8.8/108.8/108.8/108.8/108.8/10 (525 ratings of Logoshi)
Regular Price: $50.00
July Sale Price: $20.00
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The Pro Logo Package includes everything you need to launch your brand:

  • 90 logo files!
  • Your custom logo:
    • full color logo on background color
    • full color logo on white background
    • full color logo on transparent background
    • black logo on white background
    • black logo on transparent background
    • white logo on black background
    • white logo on transparent background
  • Profile pictures and header images for popular social media sites including:
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Etsy
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest

Download an example zip of this logo package

one black logo is included in the basic package

Basic Logo Package

8.8/108.8/108.8/108.8/108.8/10 (525 ratings of Logoshi)
Regular Price: $10.00
Price: $5.00
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The Basic Logo Package includes a single high resolution black and white version of your logo. People buy this package when they are testing the waters with their logo or need a temporary placeholder. If you are going to use the logo on things like an invoice or something that gets printed in black and white, the Basic Logo Package will work for you.


  • High resolution black and white logo

Here's a full list of files included in the download package:


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copyright or trademark my logo?

Yes! Logoshi, LLC doesn't retain the rights to trademark or copyright logos you buy from

What if I need to change my logo after I buy it?

If you aren't happy with your logo, email me and I'll personally fix it for free or refund every penny of your purchase price.

Customers have emailed me after they bought their logo wanting to fix a spelling mistake, adjust a color, or even change the fonts. I'm happy to make these changes for you for free. I want you to be proud of your new logo!

How big are the logos?

The logo packages include high resolution PNG images big enough for printing flyers, invoices, business cards, or t-shirts. Also included are smaller PNGs that are easy to work with on social media, websites. Download a sample "Pro" logo package.

The Pro logo package also includes SVGs (scalable vector graphics) that can be enlarged to any size without becoming pixelated. These SVGs are good for that huge sign you'll put above your front door or on one of those billboards on the way into your city.

* Prices are in USD US Dollars

Psst. You can download a free sample of your logo: